We've Landed

Wow, that giveaway day was something, wasn't it? I had no idea how many blogs were involved. Pretty neat, not enough hours in the day to visit them all though. Thanks for everyone who participated here. I enjoyed reading about all your favorite windows, but the randomizer especially liked number 2 (no kidding!) which is Aunt Lolo. Congratulations! I'll be sending an email and two fat quarters shortly!

We spent this week celebrating for a couple of reasons. It was L's birthday (although NOT, unfortunately, J's - we're still waiting on that), and... we closed on our land! The pictures are us celebrating at Besso's after the closing with some gelato.

What land, you ask? John and I have been looking for land (not "looking to land" as our local paper misprinted our ad once) for about 3 years. We've changed our minds several times about what we actual want, and where we want it. But we finally found a lovely piece of land, in a good location, with great friends for neighbors. And now we're finally ready to pursue the next phase of life - building our home, planting trees, raising animals, and enjoying all those other aspects of country life. I'm sure you'll hear lots more about it.


Letterpress said...
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Laura said...
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Chara said...

Jonah is loving your picture- he keeps saying weeze! weeze!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your land (landing). It will be fun for you to be able to pick out your own stuff for your house and grounds.