Lessons Learned

As I said before, things are slowing down around here as our due date approaches. This has been a hard lesson for me to learn, but I'm getting there.

I bought Houseplants for Dummies recently, and I've been really focusing on nurturing my two favorite plants: my bright pink fittonia and my grandmother's jade. My fittonia has been too big and straggly rather than low and bushy, so I've been slowly trimming and propagating it. With a little patience and persistent watering, it's been very successful.

The jade plant really needed to be repotted and put out in the sun, so I was glad for spring sunshine. I've been interested in succulents lately, and I was embarrassed to learn the jade is a succulent. So now, it's also doing much better with proper watering ("drench and let dry" rather than "the fittonia is falling over again, eh, let's throw some water on the jade, too"). I guess I got the "for dummies" book for a reason.

L and I propagated a few new ones yesterday because I can't help but make more plants. L actually participated in the potting, which was fun to see. We put some of her pretty rocks from her rock collection on the tops of the pots. The blue pot with lots of rocks (and cool vintage watering spike) is her handiwork.

Unrelated, another valuable lesson learned a little late in life: Shake the orange juice before every glass. Otherwise the last glass is very pulpy.

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Rachel Locke said...

Hey I was wondering did you make this pattern up or did you find it? I was wanting to make a platypus for my daughter but I don't know where to begin making up patterns. didn't know if you had any ideas?