Backyard Birds

Another one of our "slower" activities these days has been bird watching. With all of the rain we've been having, in the mornings our backyard is full of birds gathering worms: cardinals, indigo buntings, and mourning doves - which makes for a pretty colorful yard. This week we saw a new kind of bird that turned out to be a rose-breasted grosbeak. We enjoy identifying them with some books like our Golden Guide books. I know these pictures are terrible, but I just love the bits of color flying around our yard.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency has a pdf download of bird field list for Tennessee, along with a lot of other cool stuff (maybe other states have something similar?). I've printed this out and started a little checklist of what we see in our yard and nearby.

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Allison said...

Beautiful birds! I had to put our feeder away this spring because we had house wrens make a nest in our birdhouse. I will be missing our migratory birds this spring, so it's nice to see yours.