Baby Blankets

I decided to piece the new baby's blanket from some nice fabric I have instead of trying to applique. My applique projects don't seem to stand the test of time, and I 'm not sure I have the patience to work harder on them now, so I'm going to give it a rest. Instead I just kept it simple with some nice prints.

After a couple of lucky finds, I had a bunch of these two light blue fabrics, that just happened to match beautifully, so I decided to make two blankets - one for L and one for J. I haven't decided who gets which one yet. One has two stripes and white seam binding, and the other has one stripe and green seam binding.

I hadn't anticipated how tricky it is to quilt a woven top to a knit background - so it lays a little funny. So much for my simplified baby quilt. Anyway, it has a nice weight because of the knit, and I like the colors and all, so it will be practical and cuddly. I especially like putting a lot of blues and greens in a feminine quilt - we don't like to over do the pink around here.

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Whitney said...

June!! Is that her name or her due date month? or both? Because it's a perfect name and I love it.