Taco Salad

We tried a new variation of taco salad last night because we didn't have our usual ingredients around - it turned out really nice, and pretty healthy, so here it is. Sorry no measurements, just handfuls of this and that.

heat 1 can of black beans in skillet with a little garlic and taco seasoning. Let it cool a little, then toss with the rest of the ingredients: tortilla chips; fresh spinach (we always use spinach instead of lettuce now - it's easier on our tummies and healthier, too); diced fresh tomato, onion, green pepper, and a half to whole avacado; and a nice handful of chopped fresh cilantro. Top it all with a red french dressing.

You could probably make lots of substitutions here, but don't skip the fresh cilantro or french dressing. They pretty much make it. It would be even healthier if I made my own french dressing, which I'm considering - we just don't use it that often. Although if I could make a very small amount, then it would be better that having to keep it on hand.

Also, did you notice my sweet new orange bowl? I got a nice set of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls in yellows and oranges at our latest Associates Sale (a local rummage sale) for a steal. Gorgeous!

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