Oranges Revisited

The Sew Fruity contest recently reminded me of my orange softie, and since I've been having so much fun matching fabric for my giraffes, I thought I'd bring back the orange with some vintage scraps. I've had this small piece of fabric with a neat print of sewing supplies in oranges, reds and browns. I've been hanging onto it for just the right project since I didn't have much.

I have had quite a time matching up all the little corners. I'm learning t's much easier to do by hand than on the machine. So I've been machine stitching it together, and then redoing it by hand!

I also had to redo the pattern a couple times to get the shape right. My original orange had 6 sections, but its sort of short and fat, so I made this one with only 5 so it would be more round. Also, it seems like the shapes for the slice should be the same as the rest of the orange, but they're not. The slice looks way too big that way, so I had to play around with that shape until I got it right.

I can put one together in a few hours, and I just love seeing the different prints and colors together, so I'm planning a few more over the weekend. Find them in the shop.

I'm side tracked so easily. I haven't made a wonky log cabin block this week, but I'll try to get one together over the weekend.

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Alli said...

I think this would make a great little kids toy if you put some velcro on the slice and the main body so you could pull the slice from the orange and be able to put it back too. :)