Giraffe Kits and Tummies

I made some new giraffe craft panels with bright and fun colors. I finally got the kits assembled this weekend - nothing difficult, just lots of little things I had to get around to. I think they turned out pretty cute. I photographed them all this morning so I could list them on Etsy - I take my photos on my kitchen counter where I've got lots of natural light. And I kept getting my belly in the picture! I've been feeling so big and pregnant lately. I can't believe I have less than three months to go. I've got so much to do!

giraffe kits


Anonymous said...

These are really awesome little patterns, and packaged in such a neat way. I think the price is really reasonable too. I'd be interested in hearing how well they sell.

Wendy said...

Using your tutorial I made 17 snack bags! My friend Ginny made one with patchwork on it... thanks for sharing your pattern, we love it!
Also love your fabric -