Tea Towel Swap!

After finding Sublime Stitching's suggestion to use my diaper flannel for tea towels, then I read this Storque article about tea towels. Now I've got the itch to make tea towels!

(this lovely towel is from flowerpress)

My mom has some that my grandma embroidered that are so lovely. How have I not gotten into tea towels, yet? All of mine are red checked from Target, which is great, but I definitely need some handmade!

I was thinking this could be a good craft swap. Anyone interested?

I've been browsing Etsy for ideas (see my favorites on the side). Make your own, buy new ones, or dress up an old one (like the ones I saw here). Then, you can embroider, stamp or block print, dye, applique, or whatever you like to do. I always think you need a pair, so perhaps we could make it two towels?

Anyone have time for this now? If I'm going to do a swap it'll have to be before J arrives. So let me know if you're interested! Leave me a note with your email in the comments, or email me at wilsonlauralynn AT gmail DOT com. If there's enough interest I'll post all the official rules, participants, and more links to ideas later.


Claire said...

yes, please!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura. I don't know if you remember me, but it's Marjo, from Saint Johns. I found your page through claire's and i absolutely love your projects. I have an obsession with tea towels...old ones with family embroidery, new ones that look old from anthropologie, and handmade ones with applique. I look forward to what you come up with..know they will be so cute.

Chara said...

Okay... This one seems less intimidating than your last swap. I think I'll bite.

tabitha said...

I'd love to do this swap.

caitlyn said...

i'm totally there!

Anonymous said...

I would like to do this swap, I have some old, old embroidery patterns for days of the week towels that are really neat... or I might do something totally different. Am I too late to get in on it?

Jan said...

Hi Laura,
I’d love to participate in the swap, if you still have room. I love this idea!
jrrader AT kent DOT edu