Christmas Parade

We went to the Christmas Parade yesterday and had lots of fun. We got bundled up with many layers so we were all puffy. Then we got some coffee and headed downtown.

L wasn't too happy about sitting by the side of the road in the cold before the parade started. I guess we didn't really need to arrive early.

But she had a great time once the parade started. She pointed at the lights, and imitated the sirens. We got her to wave and say, "hi" to the people as they passed.

When we got home, L kept talking about all the things she saw, "neigh, neigh, tractor, tractor. Rerrrr, rerrr" (those are the sirens). What fun! Merry Christmas!


Shirley said...

She is such an adorable child... that last pic brought tears to my eyes.

Love, & miss, you all...

Beth said...

How prescious is that?

Chara said...

She is getting SO big! I can't wait to see you guys.