Orange Number 25: Watercolor Journal - Orange Curtain Project Complete!

Finally, you say. Enough orange. Okay, okay, I'm done! (confetti canons, please.)

Check out this simple little watercolor journal. I made it by fusing (hooray for Wonder Under!) some vintage and repurposed fabrics to a thin chipboard and then sewing handcut watercolor paper into the cover on my sewing machine. So simple, gorgeous.

I've been trying to use some of my neglected supplies, which is what lead to this idea. I have tons of watercolor paper and very little time to paint, so I thought I'd make these for etsy. Of course, now I'm in love with them and am imagining little watercolor illustrated books that I simply must make. I'm sure I'll make some more of these in the future.

I got the basic idea for this simple book construction from Rachel Simonsen, check out her tutorial!

To see all the manifestations of this oh-so-lovely curtain, click on the tag below that says Orange Curtain Project, or the flickr badge!

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