Upcycling Craft Swap anyone?

My friend Julie showed me this beautiful little book on making animals from old socks and gloves.

I thought this would make a great idea for a craft swap! This will be the first swap I've ever hosted, so I'm going to limit it to 10 - 15 people. Want in? It's open to anybody who likes to sew and get stuff in the mail! This is what you do:

1. Email me at wilsonlauralynn[at]gmail[dot]com. include your name, address, and blog link (only if you have one, so I can link back to you!) by next Tuesday, July 15th.
2. At the end of the week, I will email everyone back with someone else's name and address.
3. Everyone will make some kind of stuffed animal (or person!) out of an old glove or sock - be creative!
4. On July 29th, everyone will put their stuffed sock animal in the mail to their person. This gives you about two weeks to make yours.
5. When you get yours in the mail, jump up and down with glee, then take a picture and send it to me.

Please, only sign up if you can follow through. It's easy to keep everything you make, so I think its a fun challenge to make something with the idea of giving it away. I've put some links below for ideas, or check out some in my etsy favorites (in the left sidebar).

Hurry up, and email me, I'm eagerly waiting!


three dogs and a cat
via schmeebot.com
sock monkey tutorial via crafster.com
bunny and dog from Kanamori's book from marthastewart.com
octopus sock puppets
from objektknot


Chara said...

I am so excited about this- I hope I don't disappoint anyone by not getting everything done on time and well. My sewing machine is still in a box and I need a new needle... Oh angst!! send the partners already!!!


Laura said...

I'll email the partners names on Tuesday, we're still hoping for a few more people to sign up.

Some of these patterns would be easy to hand sew, so maybe you won't need your machine. I'm going to work on mine in the car while we're on vacation.