Orange Number 18 and 19: pillow cover, and yet another sketchbook cover

I made this little pillow cover quickly last night. It lays so nice and tight - I was just so pleased with it. I may have to make a second.

I hope it isn't cheating to keep remaking the same thing - because here I am with my third version of the sketchbook cover. This was supposed to be like the second one with a few minor improvements to put on etsy - but i liked it so much more, I decided to keep it myself. Who knows, maybe etsy will still get one.

This one fits the journal a little more snugly. I also had a small pocket for an eraser above the pencil pocket. On the outside, I added a small pouch for holding other odd things that won't lay flat on the inside (oops, I forgot to sew the button on!). Plus, this version is blue and orange which is only my favorite set of complementary colors - how could I not keep it? So, remember the other two? I don't have a use for them, and they aren't sell-worthy. Anyone want one?

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