Here's my submission to the Living Creatively competition. I had such a blast making it, and I loved the way it turned out - especially the way the metal wire and the soft quilted fabric contrast with each other.

It is a little notepad from upcycled materials, similar to the little notepad I write my to do lists on.

It's obviously a little more theoretical than functional, but it exemplifies the preciousness of our resources by giving new life to old materials and giving them a form that encourages keeping rather than disposing. But also, by requiring me to embroider my to do list, instead of scrawling it carelessly, it causes me to slow down and interact with my resources in a more thoughtful and deliberate way.

I've enjoyed browsing the Living Creatively zine - check out the cool winning entry to the Creatively Competitive competition - a scarf made from selvedge!

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