Craft Swap Underway!

I put my Craft Swap glove animal in the mail today. I'm a little jealous of his trip across state lines to make a new friend. I've been so excited about sending mine that I kind of forgot until today taht I should be expecting a package in the mail, too! I'll be sure to share all the images I get as they arrive.

Crafting can be a great vehicle for creating community I wanted to do this swap to take my blogging experience from a one sided exhibition to a community activity.

Betsy Greer, from craftivism, in her thesis "Taking Back the Knit" on the current resurgence of craft, said:
I am re-establishing a connection via my own channels, reclaiming something that was lost in the postmodern quest for more more more. We are no longer knitting together out of a necessity for basic clothing needs, we are creating together out of necessity for closeness.

I guess there are lots of ways to create closeness, but I thought a craft swap would be a fun one. Let's do it again sometime!

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