Activity Book

This is the little activity book I made for L. I still have the one someone made for me (neither mom or I can remember who) that zips and snaps and ties. I loved that book somuch as a kid, so I wanted to make one for L. Since she's already playing with mine, I wanted one with a different kind of theme. We're excited to teach L about gardening, so that seemed like a good idea.

The seeds on the first page are in a plastic pouch, so you can push them around. The watering can is really just attached with a snap, but it allows it to swivel, so you can water the garden.

The center page has a small stuffed sun that can be pulled out and tucked behind the cloud. Three of the little sprouts pull up, so that you can help them grow.

Then the harvest! The corn husks fold down to reveal the corn, and you pull the stuffed felt carrot out of the ground through a button hole.

The back page shows a little plate with corn and carrots. There is a napkin, and a small stuffed fork held in place by velcro, so you can remove it to eat the food.


Chara said...

I remember the book you're talking about. I would love to have one for Jonah that had all sorts of different textures for him to touch. He love to scratch right now.

Shirley said...

That is absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I was going to ask you for pictures of the book, because it sounded neat and I wanted to see how you made it. Mind if I plagiarize your idea and make one for Daniel?

Laura said...

oh, I bet you could come up with some cute ideas, Whitney.

I had wanted to have more vegetables, and a harvesting basket, too. but i ended up simplifying to make this a finish-able project.