Fall Blessings

The seasons are changing again, and I am excited about the fall. I was thinking about how much has changed since we first moved into this house.

The walls have changed color a few times, and the furniture has been moved around a lot. We've acquired some new art, a new rug, and a dining table. Then, we had to rearrange the whole house to get the baby's things to fit in neatly. We've lost 2 hens and 2 dogs, and gained 1 cat and 3 chicks. Several appliance have been replaced, and some old things have been fixed.

The first year we lived in this house, I was a baby about the cold. We don't have much storage space, and, to be honest, I was a little afraid of the gas stove.

But today, I brought in some of our plants from the porch for the cooler months, and I was admiring all of the greenery in the house. I suddenly realized what a cozy place this is, and what a fine home it has become. We have learned in the house to adapt to the weather, to take care of our lawn and garden, to weigh what things are really necessary, and to enjoy many of life's simpler pleasures. I feel really blessed by the years our family gets to spend here.


Anonymous said...

We've actually lost 6 hens and 3 dogs and 6-10 fish (some intentionally).

Laura said...

I didn't count the four little chicks because then I would have to include them in the gained category also, and people would think we had a million chickens running around.

I forgot about Kennyjones. But he wasn't really ours in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and the forced slaughter of countless (6-10) fishies? Did that conveniently slip your mind, too? You had a hand to play there!!

Laura said...

please, I think 5-9 fishies died of natural causes.

Only one was subject to forced slaughter, and he was just hanging on a little too long.

Phil Sanders said...

what bloody people you are.