When we went to visit Granny earlier this summer, John and I pulled up some of granny's excess peppermint and potted it in a little paper cup. We've been wanting to plant some at home but have been having trouble finding any.

The morning we were leaving we stopped at the hospital to visit with Granny and say goodbye to everyone. It ended up being kind of a stressful day and we stayed longer than we had intended.

By the time we got back to the car, the poor mint had dried up. By the time we got home 11 hours later, it looked like a potted stick

I planted it anyway, since I hear its hard to kill, I thought maybe it would come up next year.

Now, just a few weeks later it has sprouted new leaves and is on its way to recovery. Soon I'll put it in the ground.

I was thinking about expounding on one of the various metaphors for life I could draw from this little experience, but I'll let you draw your own. I'm just enjoying my new little plant.


Chara said...

Just some advice- don't' put the mint next to any other herb- it as a tendency to cross polinate very easily and then everything (even basil and oregano) tastes like mint (this is gross on spagetti).

You're gonna share when it gets out of hand, aren't you??

Anonymous said...

My lavender did this too. It died in the pot, we're talking brown and crispy, and then a few weeks later it had little green leaves around its base. Lavender is wonderful. =)

Laura said...

mmm... minty spaghetti.

Glenda said it does better in the ground, so I keep intending to plant it, but I don't really have a place where it won't get mowed over.

But I'm hoping if I put it in the ground it will multiply like crazy.

Anonymous said...

My mint fell over in the car on the way to Texas. :(

My Wandering Jew got Weed-Whacked.

This all makes me sad.


Laura said...

Weed Whacked?!

that doesn't sound politically correct.

But don't worry,thereare plenty more wandering jews out there.

Audrey said...

I am highly distressed by the loss of Moshi, my Wandering Jew. It was a BEAUTIFUL purple color.