I'm trying to get organized.

A month or so ago, my sister Tara bought me this map table at a yard sale. I've been needing something like this since high school. It is a tall 4x4 table with lots of skinny shelves for storing all my large flat things, like paper, unfinished paintings, watercolors. The top is large and flat, perfect for a nice large glass pallette.

I have so many different kinds of things: oil paints, watercolors, fabric and sewing machine, yarn, books, old paintings I don't know what to do with. So with this new table, I decided to organize my studio, and get everything in better order. The result is very exciting. My space is really small - as is our house - and doubles as the pantry, so organization is a necessity. I forgot to take a picture, but I'm very pleased. So I'll post a before and after next week.

I'm also trying to keep all these craft ideas I'm reading online, in a more organized form. Now that I'll be working less (I'm only teaching one class in the fall), I should be painting/sewing/knitting more.

My favorite craft site Whip Up (because everyone else contributes to it) is proposing a "Finish What You Have" month. So I'm going to give it a shot. Last summer I started a small cathedral window quilt, that has been jammed in a Big Star bag for a year. I'm going to try to finish it - or at least make it into a whole square!

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