Before and After

When looking at the pictures, I realized the "after" looks more junky than the "before". But it's not. Really.

Before: there was a great deal of clutter on the floor, paintings, gesso, typing paper stacked and shoved here and there. I had two mismatched rubbermaid drawers and a tiny wooden table with my palette jutting out and papers sliding off.

After: Paintings are carefully stored in the horizontal storage. The rubber maid drawers support a table top for books, sewing, planning, cutting etc, and under the table a little more storage space for those odd shaped things. The top of the map table is big enough for a much larger painting palette, and the top drawer stores all my paints and mediums. Where the vertical shelf use to be, there is now a skinny vertical space for my easel, ironing board and tripod. My previously inaccessible printer/scanner is now accessible.

Obviously, this is a very multipurpose space - So I feel like I've done this best I can with what I've got.

Eventually I'd like to exchange my cardboard boxes with colored tissue paper for pretty baskets - but the rest - I like.

*UPDATE - okay I lost the before and after image in the blog out of '07, but here's a picture of what it looked like while set up this way.

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