And Finally

I finally finished four of the "modern" paintings I started a while ago. They were mostly done, but still lacked some finishing. I have plans to build a new type of frame/support structure than what I usually use when I paint on wood. I'm not sure when that will happen. At some point I'll make some better photographs of them for slides, but these are all I've got now. So here they are:

St. Matthew
oil, charcoal and collage on birch


The Good Shepherd
oil, charcoal, and collage on wood panel


These images are loosely (or closely) based on other Christian artifacts from the early christian period to the late medieval period. I have three or four others from this group that are still unfinished at home.


Chara said...

I really love these paintings... especially the good shepherd one. It's so interesting how they seem to have so many layers because of the fabric you used. keep posting the pictures- I'm greatly enjoying them!


Laura said...

I really enjoy the collage and "handmade" aspects of these paintings. That's perhaps the most meaningful part to me - perhaps the most meaningful part of modernism to me.