Notice the sculpture on the back porch in this one... (this is so weird, it was supWe had a very busy week with new classes starting. But we did have a lovely snow one morning. I got a few pictures of the house in the snow. posed to be a post unto itself, a las I'm short on time). A friend of ours, Bill Smith, made this for us for our wedding. Originally, the smaller copper part was exactly my height, while the thicker steel (I think) was exactly John's height. A week or so ago, we realized that it had grown! The coil has been loosened so it is now a foot or so taller than it used to be. It didn't happen recently, we only just realized it though. John thinks it must have happened all at once, because it broke some of the wood from the roof next to it. We told Bill, and he is totally baffled, because if you heat and quench (I don't know these technical terms...) metal like this, it shouldn't be able to move without being heated again. And it is still definitely very hard to move. Who knows? I think a giant must have wandered by and stretched it.

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