I heart Wal-Mart

For those of you who know Warren, don't spoil the fun! John and I (and mostly John) have come up with a series of funny bumper stickers to (anonymously) put on Warren's truck. We have a long list and hope to drag this out for awhile. I dont want to spoil any surprises, so you'll have to check back to see what other things Warren hearts.


Chara said...


Tv Dinners
Britnay Spears
Being trapped in one place

hee hee hee

Laura said...

hmm... those are some good ones. And a couple are similar to some we've come up with.

For those of you who don't know, Warren is one of the other art teachers here.

Anonymous said...

I heart the budget for FHU athletics

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha, who was anonymous? That one's definitely going up. we now have a list of twelve, i think. chara, Britney Spears was on our list, but was barely edged out by NSYNC. I'm sorry. I think the boyband factor trumps the trollip factor. Oh, maybe these are supposed to be secret. And TV dinners and paint by numbers were also edged out by... super-secret super-similar bumper stickers.

We checked today, and Warren still hadn't taken off the walmart sticker, though he must have seen it (he had lowered the truck-bed gate to remove stuff from the back, so he had to have seen it). So either he likes it and wants to keep it or he lacks the fingernails/fingers to remove it.

Laura said...

fingers... hee hee