Orthodox Liturgy Play Mat Pattern

I haven't been doing much pattern design in recent years, but our newest little one inspired a little project this past Lent. The Orthodox Liturgy Play Mat is kind of like a quiet book for use at home or church. It is available to purchase through Ancient Faith. (If you're new to my blog, you can find my other sewing patterns here, and my Orthodox educational printables here.)

The Liturgy Play Mat includes 12 ways kids can touch and participate in the Liturgy. Children can ring the church bell, feel the sun, and find a bunny hiding in the grass on their way to church. Inside they can drop coins in the money box, light candles, and place flowers by the icons. An angel flies above as we read the Gospel. Help the little girl bow her head as Father censes the church. Open the royal doors to see the Holy Gifts, and receive antidoron from the bowl. Use this play mat to teach children at home about what they’ll see at church, or tuck it in your bag to occupy little ones during long services. Either way, this is a fun way to introduce children to the real ways we participate at church.

The pictures below are from the initial mat made for my daughter, but the pattern and mats for sale on Ancient Faith have been cleaned up a bit. :)

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