Printable Valentines and Valentine-y Baking

I love baking with the kids. Its fun for them, but its also a whole lot of fun for me - I enjoy explaining to them what each ingredient does, and math is more fun when it has a practical application. Plus, the girls get goofy and brave about wanting to try every ingredient. I warn them, "Baking soda doesn't taste good!" But they try it anyway, which is quite remarkable to me, and we have fun conversations about how each ingredient plays a different role. I reward them with a large chunk of brown sugar - and, of course, a finished cookie, too.

And I think the fact that I genuinely enjoy that time together means something to them. They can tell when I'm having fun, and it makes a difference. It's something to be remember as a parent. Anytime we're having a rough day, "Let's make cupcakes!" quickly turns things around for all of us.

So I decided to make some fun baking themed Valentines, in honor of our baking time and our love of chocolate... and okay, my love of puns, too. They're pretty bad, but oh so good, too. Here they are:
Cookie cutter:  you.
Cupcake: Be my cupcake.
Donut: I like you a hole lot.
Cookie: You're one smart cookie.
Brownie: You scored some brownie points.
Lollipops: I'm a sucker for you.
All six valentines fit on one page. The pdf includes both a color and a black/white version in case you'd like to color them yourself. Printing on card stock will make them more like store bought valentines. Just, cut them out, and write a note on the back. Of course, they'd go nicely tucked into a basket of cookies, but that's up to you. :) Download the Valentine's here.
Update: Cards have been updated and can now be found in my shop. 

I'll be coloring some with the girls and try to get some in the mail in the next week. Looks like I'll be explaining puns to them, too - that should be fun!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I think you're all smart cookies.

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Michelle M. said...

Those are all adorable! You are such a talented lady :)