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My computer has been running slow lately, and I fear its because of the billions of image files I have on my computer. Okay, that's a stretch, but having all your digital photographs, plus all sorts of digital graphics takes a toll on an old computer. I've been meaning to back them up on an external hard drive so I can remove the old photos from my computer.

But there's something just a little scary about that. What if they get lost?

So, I decided to print some photo books, so that I won't have to worry so much about losing all my digital files. I've used Apple's photos books before, but this time I wanted something that would be fast and easy - because really I don't need to be working on this right now.

Shutterfly ended up being a good, quick fit. Fortunately, I keep my files organized by month and year, so I just scrolled through, picked the best and uploaded some for every month of the last five years. I tried to lay out events or trips or seasons on one page so it had a nice story-like feel. I printed them in three books, although you could easily do it all in one book. I still probably spent 6-8 hours cleaning up photos, uploading and arranging them and figuring out how to customize the layouts, but that wasn't too bad. Plus, they had some Mother's Day discounts that I'm way too late in telling you about.  My bad.

our NY museum trip pre-children, barely
vintage L
welcome J! 
7 years

I love seeing our life laid out like a timeline. Even the blurry, low quality photos ring true. And the desperate speed of it all has me a hyper-aware of the passage of time. J couldn't comprehend who that little baby was, and I almost couldn't either.

Until next time Grandma and Papa!

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