Dress-Up Crown Tutorial

I made birthday crowns for my girls last year.  I had intended for them to be a special birthday thing, that we got out only once a year, so they would be extra special.  But, as these things go, the girls loved them, and they found a permanent home in our dress up basket.  I had no idea how much the kids would love them.  They are a regular feature around here.

I decided to make a bunch for an art fair coming up, and put together this tutorial while I was at it.  I have to add, there are a million great tutorials out there for crowns.  My version, as usual, just keeps it simple (I've left the elastic exposed), made use of what I keep on hand (sorry, not felt), and allows for fun use of trimmings.  And the trimmings are the best part, right?  I love dumping out my fabric and ribbons and sifting through to find just the right match for that funky ribbon, or finding a surprisingly lovely combination of fabrics.  Ah, that's what sewing is all about. 

I digress.  The directions are below, but you can also download the templates I used.  I tried to make a couple that were boyish, too - they're angular and not pink. My crowns have about a 17" circumference that will stretch quite a bit, so they're one size fits most - just use a bit more elastic if you have a big head. :)

Update:  Be sure to check out the Nicholas Crown Project that this tutorial inspired!  I'm giving away dress-up crowns!  Come help me out!

1.  Draw or print template, cut out.  If you draw your own, the width should be about 9 inches.
2. Pin pattern to fabric and cut out fabric adding a 1/4" seam allowance all the way around. Cut 2 (I like to used different fabrics for the front and back).
3.  Cut out interfacing and iron to the wrong side of your back fabric.  Alternately, you can just cut a third layer of heavy weight fabric and put it in the middle of your sandwich - both work well.
4.  Topstitch trimmings onto your front fabric.  I used ribbon, bias tape, buttons, lace, and a handmade crocheted rose.  The possibilities are endless.
5.  Cut a 9" piece of 1/4"-1/2" elastic.
6.  With right sides facing, sew around the edge of your crown.  Leave openings on the bottom inch of both sides.  You'll turn right side out through one of these holes, and later insert the elastic in each side.
7. Clip slits in seam allowance, especially in the corners.  Turn right side out, poking out all the little points and curves with a chopstick/pencil thing.  Iron sound that all the points are neat, and the openings have their edges neatly tucked in.  Don't skip the ironing - it really helps.
8.  Starting just after the opening on one side, top stitch around the crown.  When you reach the opening on the opposite side, insert on end of the elastic (about 1/2"-1" from the base of the crown) and back stitch over it a few times.  Continue topstitching around the crown, and repeat the elastic insertion with the other end.  Be sure not to twist the elastic.
 Feel free to sell items made from this pattern; however, if you do, please give credit to me as the designer. 


DarlaGirl said...

I love this. I only have a son, but he has some friends at playgroup that are just going to love to have a couple int he dress up box. Thank you. I will try to make a plain one for him since he is such a Prince!

debbie katz said...

So cute and great idea! My niece has a b'day coming up, and she believes she is a princess, so this is perfect. Thank you.
Debbie Katz

Olivia said...

Dear Laura,

We love your costumes! The tree costume, the kitty ears, and the colorful crowns are adorable! (http://wewilsons.blogspot.com/2010/09/tree-costume-tutorial.html) (http://wewilsons.blogspot.com/2010/09/cat-ears-tutorial.html) (http://wewilsons.blogspot.com/2011/01/dress-up-crown-tutorial.html) I’m writing from bulbinblue.com, a new, non-profit website for creative ideas and crafts. Bulbinblue.com provides a space for creative individuals to interact and share ideas, tips, and projects. We’d love to feature your tutorials (text and pictures) in our upcoming costume section. I understand that you may not want photos of your children on other sites, in which case, do you happen to have any photos of these projects we could use? If not, we would still love to work with the Dress-Up Crown tutorial! We would also like to translate your tutorial into French and German so that it can be accessible to an even wider audience! We will do all the work of putting the tutorial on the site and translating it, and you will be clearly indicated as the project’s author. If you are interested, please email us at blueteam@bulbinblue.com.

Have a good day!

Olivia from the Blue Team

Paula said...


I really love these crowns! I have been wanting to do some myself for a long time, and now that my twins birthday is coming, I am preparing a couple inspired in these. I also really like your Nicholas Crown Project. Truly inspired and beautiful. I am sure you are going to make many kids happy! And should you need any collaboration to make them, please count on me. I would be so proud to lend a hand!

Thanks a lot for all your sharing. I am so happy I found your blog by chance!

Love from Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that I found your blog post on making crowns and I made several for a special little girl who just turned 4 years old.

They were such fun to make and the little girl enjoyed them very much. She received a Bitty Baby for her birthday from her parents, so I made the doll a few crowns also. I took the simplest crown pattern and just made it smaller. So the girl and her doll have a few matching crowns.

Thank you so much for posting and sharing your patterns!!
-Mary Alice

Very Shannon said...

Love these! I finally got around to making some! Thanks for a great tute!


Chameleon Girls said...

Oh my gosh your crowns are perfect to go with our Everyday Princess dresses at www.chameleongirls.com. I can't wait to make a few.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the templates and directions! My little one had a tiara that she loved, but it broke. I am going to make her some of these. I know she will love them!