Firewood Tote Tutorial on Whip Up

I'm guest blogging on Whip Up today - well, okay, that was yesterday actually. Go check out my little manly tutorial and read about why John and I are building a cordwood home.  And while you're there, see all the other neat guest posts going on while Kathreen is on vacation.

Update: Whip Up is going to be so so missed, as Kathreen is. My firewood tote is now available here. 


Chara said...

I saw that earlier and meant to send you a note! Congratulations! I'm so proud that you're my sister.


Anna @ Blue Dirt said...

This is so great! We use a wood burning stove, and we are building our own house as well! We decided to use what we have on hand instead of straw or cordwood. This carrier will be awesome, I’m thinking my husband can use a few of these to haul the trees for our house around. Maybe not, we're using whole tree construction with cement block walls. Anyway he’ll be surprised to see this when he comes home today!

Dayna said...

Thanks so much for this post. Found your site through the post at WhipUp. I was looking for something I could make for my husband for the holidays and this will be perfect. Silly to think I was looking through online shops to buy one - when all along I should have thought of this! Thanks!! Good luck with the house - sounds warm and wonderful!

Jansie said...

Found this tutorial through Sew Mama Sew. I had just about given up on finding something I could hand make for Grandpa. This is so awesome. Thank you for sharing!