Flip Dolls and Other Toys that Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab, and Go

My new book Flip Dolls & Other Toys That Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab & Go:
Why make an ordinary stuffed toy when you can sew irresistible creations that flip, zip, snap, stack, and move? Filled with wit, humor, and inventiveness, these delightful interactive playthings sometimes literally turn your expectations inside out. Page after page of clever projects include a caterpillar that changes into a butterfly, a vampire who becomes a bat, and ordinary dolls that transform into superheroes! Or stitch a pretty bird that perches on your shoulder, bunnies that bounce, a car with spinning wheels, and other amazing toys.

After an introduction, Getting Started, introduces all the materials and skills you'll need for basic sewing and to make the projects in this book. The projects are divided into four chapters: Zip & StackHide, Grab & GoShow & Tell; and Flip & Turn. Each project is loaded with gorgeous color photos, hand drawn illustrations, step by step instructions, and ideas for making each toy your own. Check out some of my photos of the book below. Come on, sew and play with me!

I'm also really glad to share the full size templates available for printing so that you don't have to worry with enlarging. You can find the pdf here.

Erin from Our Family Four
Caroline from Sew Can She
Wendi from Shiny Happy World
Mollie from Wild Olive
Abby from While She Naps
Laura at The Shed
Jenn from Rook No. 17
The Beehive Buzz
Crafty Princess Diaries

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And don't forget the full-size templates here.

my toy illustrations on the endpaper

This alter ego may look like Clark Kent, but he's really inspired by John: Super Librarian.

I love the beautiful layout by the design team.

These little birdies are probably my favorite toy, and the photographs are so lovely!

I did the illustrations throughout the book, which was great fun!

The Show and Tell chapter is full of my favorite toys: the Bright Ideas Computer, the Plucky Ukulele, and the Perching Birds.

The Knotty Frog was fun silliness to make. 

The Flip and Turn chapter has 8 flip doll patterns, plus instructions to customize the pattern to make your own characters. 

 About the Author:
Laura Wilson is a designer and illustrator who lives in Jackson, TN. Her creative work has been featured in many publications and websites, including CraftzineSew, Mama, Sew!Whip Up; and Kid's Crafternoon Sewing. Find her online at WeWilsons.Blogspot.com.

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