1.  Can I link to your tutorial?
yes, thanks!  I always appreciate links, and I'm happy for you to borrow photos of my projects.  However, please do not use photos of my children, or copy the content of my posts or projects on your own site (meaning my words, pdfs, or the tutorial itself). I don't do advertising or swap links: I blog about what I like, and I hope that's why you're linking to me.

I have a handy little badge you can use for links, if you like. Just copy and paste the code into your sidebar:

2. Are you still selling the George and the Dragon Flip Doll Pattern? Or other flip doll patterns? What about the Smile Crocodile or Peekaboo Turtle Pattern?
I'm really excited that my favorite patterns are now included in my book Flip Dolls and Other Toys that Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab and Go (Lark Crafts, 2013). In the book you'll find several different flip dolls (including George and the Dragon and the much requested Super Hero flip doll), as well as the zipper mouth toys. There are 27 toys in all, each one inspiring action, storytelling or creative play. The book also includes tips for modifying the flip dolls, zipper mouth toys, and others to make your own characters. You can read more about the book here.

3.  Weren't you giving away free crowns? Where can I get one?
In 2011, my girls and I did a little project, giving away dress up crowns to children who needed to be reminded they are special. We were learning about grief and compassion, and this project was a way to do that constructively. Read the introduction to the Nicholas Crown Project, find all the posts related to the project, or check out the crown gallery.  The project is formally over now, but if you still want a crown, the pattern is available here!

4.  Can I sell items made from your patterns?
You are welcome to sell items made from any of my patterns if you follow these regulations:
1. Items cannot be mass-produced.
2. You must give credit to Laura Wilson as the pattern designer on the product tag.

5.  When is your next pattern giveaway? or Why can't I download that pattern anymore?
Whenever I have a new pattern, I usually have a limited time giveaway.  This has been a great way for me to get feedback on the pattern before I post it as finished and for sale.  The best way to find out about these giveaways is to subscribe to my blog.

6.  I'm having trouble with one of your patterns.  Can you help me out?
yes!  Email me.  I love feedback on my patterns, I love to see what you're making, and I love getting to talk to you one on one.  I try to answer this type of email the same day.

7. I'd like to buy one of your plush toys, not the pattern.  Can you make one for me?
Unfortunately, I can't.  I'm very busy with several other projects now and don't have time to make many plush toys for sale.  Occasionally, there will be some in the shop, that is all I have available.  Maybe you can find a friend who sews to make one for you?

8.  Can I use your coloring books for a class/youth project/group thing?
yes!  I made each book with the intention of using them to teach my kids stuff.  It makes me so happy to know that others are using them, too.  I'd love to hear from you about how you're using my coloring books.  Feel free to print as many copies of the printables as you like; however, selling the books that you make is prohibited. 

9.  Do you sell your paintings?
Yes, I do! I have prints of a few paintings available here.

10. Where can I find your Orthodox educational printables?
I share Orthodox educational resources and fun printables at Many Mercies. Those are available for free use. Enjoy!