About Laura

Hi!  I'm Laura Wilson. I'm a pattern designer, illustrator, baker, and homeschooling mother, frequently night-crafting. We live in a little home in the woods in rural TN.  We're artists, homeschoolers, and do-it-yourselfers, and I share patterns, printables, projects, and recipes here (along with a few disasters).

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the blog and my patterns, visit my Orthodox education blog, and check out my new daily illustration project Fool Daily.  Thanks for joining me here in this happy, crafty space.  I love hearing from you!

I'm the author and illustrator of Flip Dolls and Other Toys that Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab and Go, published in the Fall of 2013 with Lark Crafts. It's full of interactive toys made of clever materials with fun illustrations. Check it out:
"Why make an ordinary stuffed toy when you can sew irresistible creations that flip, zip, snap, stack, and move? Filled with wit, humor, and inventiveness, these delightful interactive playthings sometimes literally turn your expectations inside out. Page after page of clever projects include a caterpillar that changes into a butterfly, a vampire who becomes a bat, and ordinary dolls that transform into superheroes! Or stitch a pretty bird that perches on your shoulder, bunnies that bounce, a car with spinning wheels, and other amazing toys."