Spoonflower Designs

So, as you know, I adore spoonflower, and may perhaps be a little addicted. I realized recently I'd made a bunch of new designs that I hadn't shared here, so I thought I would now - in case you're interested. You can click on any of the images to see the full sets and view them in repeat.

First, I made this set of Animals. Just a bunch of different arrangements of these four critters. I've entered the bullfrog in the upcoming spoonflower design challenge for Children's prints.

Duck Skunk Frog Squirrel

Then there was this whole set I called The Wind Blew. It's a linear design, so it's a little more subtle, but I really like it. There are a bunch of different prints with this one, all in the colors turquoise, yellow, and grey.

The Wind Blew

baby wind

And then the latest batch I've been working on are abstract damask style prints that are made of little figures. Up close the figures are clear, but when printed in repeat on a small scale at first it just appears to be a neat damask. These are a lot of fun and are perhaps the kind of fabric I'm most likely to sew with. I've tenatively titled it Running Circles because Louise was running circles around me while I uploaded them to Spoonflower. Genius, I know.

Crocodile Damask

Nut Damask

The Valentine design I posted here recently was the one that got me started on these, and are a great example of why I love the design challenge contests Spoonflower hosts. Sometimes you need a good prompt or challenge to get you thinking in new ways. Thanks, Spoonflower.


Chara said...

I love your acorns and squirrels.. especially repeated. It's very subtle, but fun.

Polly Jones said...

These are so great Laura! I especially love the wind blows and the crocodile one.